WPI Network Requirement
In order to install Sentry Gatekeeper, you must be connected to the WPI Network. If you are off-campus, connect to the GlobalProtect VPN client.

Install SENTRY Gatekeeper

Access Installation Media and Get Started

  1. Copy and paste \\storage.wpi.edu\software\Avaya into the Search window.
  2. Copy the SENTRY Gatekeeper Setup folder to your local machine. (Click OK to allow.)
  3. Open the Sentry Gatekeeper Setup folder and double click SENTRY Gatekeeper Setup 2.0.1117.1.exe to run as an administrator.
  4. If administrative rights are required, input admin password.

Defender SmartScreen Warning

If you receive a Windows Defender SmartScreen warning, press the More info button.

Windows SmartScreen Warning with an arrow pointed at "More info."

Press the Run anyway button.

Windows SmartScreen Warning with a box around "Run anyway."

Installation Customizations

Once you get through the SmartScreen pop-ups, the SENTRY Gatekeeper software installer will pop-up:

  1. Ensure Only for Me is selected and press Next.
  2. Leave the default destination folder selection and press Install.
  3. For Completing SENTRY Gatekeeper Setup, ensure the box is checked to Run and press Finish.

First Time Setup

When the program runs for the first time, you may be prompted with a Windows Defender Firewall warning. Press Allow Access on this screen.

Once the program opens:

  1. Press the option to Sign in with Azure AD Credential.
  2. Input your WPI Email and password.
  3. You will be prompted for MFA - ensure to Approve Access.
Sentry Gatekeeper software on launch with a box around "Sign in with Azure AD credentials."

Link WPI Extension

The Company, Email, and Full Name fields should populate automatically. 

For Phone Number  you must input your WPI Phone Number, including a 1 at the beginning of the number. Example: 15088315000.

The last 4-digits should match your soft phone extension.

Click Register to link your WPI Extension.

Add Address

You must link your physical address to the software (typically this will be your home address).

Press the + (plus icon) in lower left to add your address.

Map Feature Not Recommended
Do NOT use the Find Me On Map feature as it is not recommended at this time.
Address List for John Smith page with X over Find on Map and an arrow pointed toward the + (plus icon) in the bottom left.
  1. Select the House Icon
  2. Input a description
    • Example: John's House
  3. In put your Address in the Address Line 1 and Line 2 fields
  4. Input your City, State, and Zip Code
  5. Press Validate
  6. Press Save
Edit Address field with the example address validated and a box around the Save button.

Set Your Address

Once the address is validated and saved, you must press the check mark  to set your address as current and active.

Address List with the example address border highlighted green and a red box around the check mark icon.

Once the location is provisioned and set, the address will appear as green.

Sentry Gatekeeper Usage with Avaya Softphone
Sentry Gatekeeper MUST be running while you are on the soft phone. Sentry starts when Windows starts, and requires you to check the address. Once you press the checkmark, the address will turn green. 

Softphone Requirement

Sentry Gatekeeper must be used while using the Avaya Softphone. You must ensure your physical address is enabled while the softphone is active.  

Working On Campus?

Still Using the Softphone

Be sure to update your physical address to your university address! Instructions to Add Address and Set Current Address are in Using Sentry Gatekeeper (Related Article).

Using a Desk Phone While On Campus

If you move from your softphone to your desk phone, you must close out of Sentry Gatekeeper. Go to File Exit to close the program.

When you start to use your softphone again, be sure to enable the address you are using it at.

Sentry confirms your address each time you restart your computer to ensure that a 911 call reflects the correct location!