Michael Berhane is a young man who has light brown skin, short, curly black hair and a goatee. He is wearing a blue and white plaid shirt and a denim jacket. His face is turned to his right and he's staring at spot outside of the frame.   

Michael Berhane is a British/Eritrean man based in London who co-founded People of Color in Tech (POCIT) with Ruth Mesfun. POCIT is a media and job platform for people of color in the tech industry. Michael and Ruth created POCIT to challenge the stereotypes of who works in tech. It has grown to have a job board, POCIT Jobs and a podcast, Techish.

Michael received the African Diaspora 2019 'Young Business Leader' Award and has been featured in the Financial Times, Tech Nations, and Powerlist as an influential person in the United Kingdom's tech sector.

Video of Michael Berhane:


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