In preparation for the start of any term, Information Technology (IT) requests that your software needs are submitted, using the Academic Software Request form. The form should be submitted four weeks prior to the start of A Term and two weeks before the starts of B, C, and D term.


Please submit the Software Request Form for each of your courses, including:   

  • Course Number / Section(s) / Course Title / Term(s)
  • Software name and requested version
  • Course Location(s) - Physical and Virtual Requirements
  • Notes (optional) - Specific configuration required

 The deadlines ensure that software can be packaged, installed, and tested for the first day of classes.  

IT will only package and deploy software requested through the Software Request Form


IT maintains a Software Library, so that you and your students can find the locations of the software needed for coursework. Each software entry depicts the title, version, the physical and/or virtual locations the software is available, and information about installation on personal devices.   

Additionally, we have catalogued our Virtual Locations (Terminal Servers) and the software available on each server.   

You are welcome to refer to these resources in your course materials.