The purpose of this document is to define a set of data standards for users of the Banner system at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI).

Data standards consist of prescriptions and guidelines that regulate the entry and maintenance of data. Such standards are especially important in a shared database environment like Banner, where the data created by people in Department A is frequently read and used by people in Department B.

The principal goals of this document and the standards it describes are as follows:

  • To provide and maintain consistency within the Banner database specifically as this relates to naming standards for people, vendors, and outside organizations address standards telephone number standards.
  • To avoid the creation of duplicate records in the Banner database.
  • To facilitate accurate searches for data.
  • To facilitate the generation of accurate and consistent reports.
  • To define policies and protocols for data entry and maintenance.
  • This document is kept under version and configuration control by Information Resources and Services(IRS). To request changes, submit your requests through the ISAR system.

The Document

These standards are available as a .pdf document linked from this article.