Some software deployment and removal can be performed through an application called Software Center, which is automatically installed on IT-managed WPI computers. Once opened, Software Center displays the programs that are available to install. Software availability is determined by WPI IT.


  • WPI IT Managed Domain-Joined Windows computer
  • Access to WPI Network or use of the VPN
  • Install Software

    1. Use Windows Search to find Software Center.
    2. Open Software Center.
    3. Open the Applications tab
    4. Scroll through or search for the desired application. Click Install.


    The application appears in the Installation Status tab as it begins installing, with the percentage indicating progress. Software Center can be closed; installation will continue.

    Once installation is complete, the Installation Status tab will display the application as Installed and the application should appear in the Start Menu.

    Your machine must remain awake and connected to the WPI Network, or maintain connection to the VPN, for the duration of the install. Any disconnection may disrupt the install.