As part of WPI's commitment to our alumni, as of June 2018 alumni email is provided via the Office 365 platform.

Resetting Your Password

  1. Navigate to in your internet browser.
  2. Enter your email address and select Next.
  3. Click on the Forgot my password link.
  4. Enter the characters as shown and select Next.
  5. Select the Email button to send verification to your alternate email address.
  6. Enter the verification code from the email and select Next.
  7. Follow the instructions on the page for creating and confirming your new password and click Finish.

Accessing Your Account

  1. Click the link to sign in using your new password.
  2. Click Next on the More Information Required screen.
  3. Pick at least one of the two options for future authentication needs
    • Email - Enter an alternate email address
    • Phone - Select your country, and choose either a text or phone call
  4. For each option chosen, enter in the verification code and select Verify.
  5. Click Finish.