• The list name complies with the WPI Mailing List Policy
  • The list name is prefixed with gr-
  • Group creation and modification requires an active WPI account and is best done in Outlook for the Web


  • A Groups folder is listed in Outlook for the Web for owners and members of a Group.
  • Groups can collaborate by sharing files, conversations, etc.
  • Messages can be dragged from personal Inbox to Group.



WPI Information Security recommends that most Groups should be Private, which is the default setting. 

Public: Content and membership can be accessed by anyone with an account and some guests, therefore can only include unrestricted content. (See Data Classification Policy in Actions)

Private:  May contain restricted content, owner approves member join requests, and only members view contents. By default the membership list can be seen by WPI account holders. If the membership list must not be viewable, IT creates the group and enables the private membership list setting. Please submit a ticket to the IT Service Desk and the group can be made for you.


  • Ownership: The group owner is able to create, modify, and delete the group. When the owner's WPI account is terminated, all associated groups are also terminated, therefore multiple owners are recommended (more below in Manage/Transfer Ownership).  
  • Membership: Groups can include WPI or non-WPI email addresses.
  • Public vs. Private
  • Delete: Removes all associated group work including shared files, conversations, email, SharePoint site.
  • Additional Owner options are below in Edit a Group.


  • Permissions: Members can edit, modify, delete data.
  • Access: New members have access to all Group data, including data added prior to their membership.
  • Create Group

    1. In a web browser navigate to and select Outlook.
    2. On the left side, right-click the Groups section and select New group.
    3. Provide a Name for the group and choose preferences. While you can change the Display name of the group later on, you will not be able to change the email address that is associated with the group. Click Create.
    4. Add members who can access the group. It is ideal to add more than one owner; use the dropdown arrow to change a member to owner. Click Add.
  • Edit a Group

    1. Log into in a web browser and open the Outlook application.
    2. On the left pane, choose the Group to edit.
    3. In the group, click ... (more actions) then choose Settings.
    4. On the Group Settings panel that appears select preferences, including:
      • All emails sent to the group arrive in your inbox
      • Replies to your messages and group events are sent to your inbox
      • Only replies to your messages are sent to your inbox
      • No group messages are sent to your inbox
      • Edit Group opens additional group settings (Owners only)
      • Leave Group allows you to leave the group

    Advanced Group Options for Owners

    In Settings Edit Groups owners can make the following changes:

    1. Photo  Icon: Click to change the display image.
    2. Group Name: Changes the display name for the group. This will not change the email address for the group.
    3. Description:  Provides information about the group.
    4. Privacy Options: Setting it to Private will ensure that only group members can see the content in the group. The Public option will make the group available to the community.
    5. Language for group-related notifications
    6. External email settings: Changes who is allowed to send messages to the Group. If unchecked, then only WPI community members will be allowed to send messages to the group.
    7. Subscription: Enables messages and event notifications to be delivered directly to  members' Inbox.

    Click Save.

    You can also Delete the group entirely which will also delete all communications and files associated with the group.

    An image of Edit Group menu options.
  • Manage/Transfer Ownership

    Edit Members and Owners

    The group owner can Edit Group Members and Owners after the group has been created.  The owner should set at least one additional owner from the members that have been added.

    Transfer Ownership

    When the owner's WPI account is terminated, all associated groups are also terminated. 

    If you are leaving WPI or will no longer need to be an owner of a group, you should transfer ownership of the group to a group member. To transfer ownership, an owner can promote another member to owner, and demote themselves from owner to member.