The IT Access Request Form is used to accurately provision specialized access for both new and existing WPI accounts. Fully completing the information requested in the form will ensure that IT provides necessary access. The form is not required for the initial account request which includes storage, email, Office 365, Canvas and Workday access. It is only needed for access to specific systems.

Account Provisioning is Dependent Upon Workday
Once the Workday hiring process and approvals are complete, automated account provisioning begins. When the account has been created, the access requested on this form can be provisioned.

Account Creation and Access Provisioning Timeline

  1. After the Workday hiring process is complete, the account is created within seven days of the employee start date (sooner for faculty in order to prepare course materials). It can take 24-48 hours for the account to fully provision and notification to be sent
  2. Shortly after WPI account creation, basic user information, including username, appears in the Global Address List (GAL).
  3. Only if the new hire has provided their alternate email address (i.e. social or other university) in Workday, an email communication will be generated to that address with instructions to claim new WPI Account Credentials.
  4. Access provisioned to birthright or other WPI systems is dependent upon the new hire completing the email communication instructions.
  5. Additional access requested on the IT Access Request form is provisioned.


  • Account Holder Name
  • Approvals from Supervisor, Department/Division (if different from supervisor), Information Analyst
  • Account Holder hiring is complete in Workday - status can be viewed by searching Workday for the name of the account holder, then clicking Hire process, and then clicking the process tab to see if the hire is complete.

Request Access

  1. The hiring supervisor or the department head of the account holder completes and signs the IT Computer and Data Access Request Form.
  2. The form is emailed to the IT Service Desk.
  3. The IT Service Desk may be contacted to inquire about access provisioning status.