• Active WPI account
  • Usage is governed by the WPI Acceptable Use Policy. Please use the aup command to view this policy.

Server Information

Server name:

The following applications are available for short-term, lightweight use. If a server is needed for a long-term, heavy-duty project, please use Request Help to contact ITS.

Software is available on the server, along with the following:

  • X11 window manager: icewm, openbox
  • Remote desktop: x2go
  • Screen/terminal manager: screen, tmux
  • Shell: bash, csh, ksh, zsh
  • Printing

File Storage

WPI recommends you do NOT save any work to the local terminal server machine. Any files saved to the terminal server may be lost once your session has disconnected.

WPI IT recommends you save your work to your WPI OneDrive to ensure no work is lost.