• Active WPI username and password
  • Access to the Ricoh Printer (if applicable)


  1. Open Printers and Scanners from System Preferences
  2. Click the + Sign to add a new printer
  3. Select Advanced
    1. Press Control and click in the toolbar area
    2. Select Customize toolbar
    3. Drag the Advanced icon up to the toolbar
  4. Update the following in the Advanced Options:
    • Type: Windows Printer via spoolss
    • Device: Another Device
    • URL: smb://
    • Name: QUEUENAME
    • RICOH Printer Drivers: Lanier MP C4504ex PS or Ricoh MP C4504ex PS
      • From the dropdown, choose Select Software
      • In the Search field, type C4504
      • If the C4504ex PS driver does not populate, install from Ricoh's support site
    • HP Printer Drivers: Generic PostScript Printer 
  5. Select Add
  6. Print a test document - enter your WPI username and password when prompted
    • Check Remember my credentials so password entry is not required each time you print

Troubleshooting Printing

Hold for Authentication Error

This error typically indicates the password associated with the username is not correct. If a password was mistyped on entry or if an old password exists in your keychain, you will receive this error.

Update Keychain

Keychain entries are saved username/password combinations. They are associated with a specific login type. When you Remember my credentials when printing, this creates a keychain entry associated with WPI Printers.

Unfortunately, not all keychain entries are the same, so we recommend:

  1. Open Keychain or Keychain Access
  2. Under the Keychains, choose "login"
  3. Under the Category, choose "passwords"
  4. Scroll through the entries searching for:
    • queuename
  5. Once found, right click (or two-finger click) and choose Delete

This will allow you to re-enter your credentials when you go to print.