Mailbox Permissions

The permissions for resource mailboxes are managed by IT. There are three levels of permissions for these Mailboxes:

  • Mailbox Access Rights: Full access to the entire mailbox
  • Send As Rights: Ability to act as the email address and send emails directly from the address
  • Send on Behalf Rights: Ability to send an email on behalf of the email address but not directly from it  
Send As is not always recommended as it can be used as a form of impersonation or a phishing attempt. Therefore, Send As permissions are granted on a case by case basis. To request changes to the Mailbox rights, please contact ITS and provide the users who need to be added or removed and what permission levels require changing.

Calendar Permissions

Permissions to the calendar are managed by the users of the mailbox. Users must have access to the Mailbox to grant permissions to the Calendar.

Through the Outlook Client, owners can manage the following permission levels:

  • Owner - Create, read, change, and delete all items, and change permissions for other users
  • Publishing Editor - Create, read, change, and delete all items
  • Publishing Author - Create and read all items. Change and delete only items you create
  • Non-Editing Author - Create and read items. Delete only files you create 
  • Reviewer - Read items
  • Contributor - Create items  
  • Free/Busy Time - View availability 
  • None - No access to the calendar