A required Windows 1809 upgrade has caused some Dell docking stations to lose connection to device accessories, such as keyboards and mice. The issue can usually be resolved by updating the docking station drivers.


  • Active WPI Account
  • Administrative Privileges on WPI-Provisioned machine
  • Connection to the WPI Network, or use of VPN if off-campus

Update Docking Station Drivers

  1. Remove your laptop from the docking station.
  2. In a File Explorer Window, type: \\\software\Drivers\Dell TB16 Dock Drivers\
  3. Copy the zipped Intel-Thunderolt-Contoller-Driver_7x8Y6_WIN_16.3.61.275_A03_01 folder to your machine.
  4. Unzip the folder by right-clicking and selecting Extract All.
  5. Open the folder from your machine and right-click on the setup executable and Run as Administrator.
  6. Follow the prompts for installation.
  7. Restart your machine after installation completes.
  8. Connect your machine to the docking station to verify connection to accessories.

Contact ITS if you are still experiencing issues after updating the docking station drivers.