Universities remain a target of cyber criminals. 35% of all data breaches take place in higher education, according to betanews.com (2014). Below are the most common ways data is lost, and considerations to prevent this from occurring.

36% Hacking:

Use the Virtual Private Network when connecting from off-campus.

30% Unintended Disclosure:

Social media: how many personal and location details do you post?

Email You Send: should not include sensitive info

Email You Receive: If your WPI Email shows EXT in the subject, the sender is outside WPI

17% Portable Devices:

Don't leave devices unattended!

Lock with a passcode.

7% Desktop Computer:

Logout of public computers.

Lock your computer when you step away.

Update operating systems and virus/malware protection software.

5% Physical Loss:

Shred paper.

Degauss DVDs - the Library Print Center has a degausser.

Secure flash drives.

3% Insider:

Don't share passwords or reveal confidential info you have access to.

Don't login and let someone else use your account.

Contact IT if you need a way to share data safely.