• Back up all locally saved data and files
  • Connection to the WPI wired network
  • 2-3 hours where the machine will be unused
  • Machine added to Software Center deployment group


  • Navigation using the Start Menu and File Explorer still exists, and a Search bar has been added to make locating files and applications even easier!
  • Security Features are improved. With cyber threats becoming more difficult to predict and guard against, the heightened security features Microsoft made available in Windows 10 are especially important to keep personal and WPI data secure
  • Office 365 Product Suite integration - WPI has implemented the Office 365 Product Suite. It can be installed on machines, both WPI-Provisioned and Personal. Using this version of office enables you to:
    • Access all cloud-based files anywhere you have internet.
    • Collaborate and share files easily.
    • Ensure your data is completely protected from loss and vulnerabilities.
    • Use OneDrive "Auto-Save" to integrate with applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Any file you have saved to OneDrive will "Auto-Save" while you're working on it, preventing potential loss of data.

Update to Windows 10

As a reminder, you must back up all locally saved documents. Anything saved to the machine itself will be lost once the update has begun. 

  1. Use Windows Search to find "Software Center"
  2. Open Software Center
  3. Go to the "Operating Systems" tab
  4. Click on the available operating system
  5. Click "Install"

The machine will begin to reimage and apply the Windows 10 operating system. This process can take up 3 hours to complete. It is recommended you start this at the end of the work day, so it completes overnight.