• Active WPI username and password
  • Ricoh Printer added to your Windows device
  • 4-digit code from Department Administrators


  1. From the Start Menu, search for Printers & Scanners
  2. Click on the Ricoh Printer from the menu and choose Manage
  3. Select Printing Preferences 
  4. Go to the Detailed Settings tab
  5. Go to the Job Setup from the Menu Column
  6. From the Job Type dropdown, choose Locked Print 
  7. In the User Code field, enter your 4-digit departmental code
  8. Click on the Details button next to Job Type
  9. From the User ID dropdown, select Windows Login Name
  10. In the Password field, enter your 4-digit departmental code and select OK
  11. Back in the Printing Preference Page, select Apply then OK

When printing to the Ricoh, you will send Locked Print Jobs to the printer.