Create New Human Protocol

  1. Login to InfoEd Global
  2. Select the Human Protocol tab on the left
  3. Select the option to Create New Human Protocol
  4. Select Continue where New Human Protocol in Human Subjects Department is checked
  5. Enter the Title of your study
  6. Enter PI Member
Enter your project advisor in the PI Member field

Begin Application

Throughout the application, click Save to ensure your application is up to date.

  1. Select IRB Application from the Initial Application field
  2. Input information into each of the following tabs as it applies to your project
    • General Information
    • Funding Information
    • Study Personnel
  3. Include the following attachments in the Additional Documents tab:
    • Study Protocol/Research Methods
    • Study Instrument - Survey Questions / Interview Questions
    • Consent
  4. Once all information is input and documents uploaded, check Complete
  5. Select Submit
Note on Consent:
If your study is minimal risk – you will need to provide a written copy of the script you intend to use. If your study requires an informed consent, use the IRB Informed Consent Template (PDF).