Below are usage guidelines and the process for expense report submission and approval. 

Instructions for expense reports can be found in Actions.


  • Expense reports are used for personal reimbursements for university-related costs and to reconcile PCard transactions.
  • All employees including student workers can submit an expense report.
  • Worktags determine which budgets are charged (i.e. Cost Center, Grant, Gift. etc.). The Cost Center will default to your organization’s operating budget.
  • If you are charging a different budget, it is best practice to delete all 3 pieces of the operating budget from the worktags before entering the new worktags.


  1. Employee creates an expense report uploads pictures or PDFs of receipts and saves for later or submits the report.
  2. Manager approves the expense report or sends it back.
  3. Approvers vary depending on the source and amount. Approvers may include: Supervisor, Cost Center Manager, Accounts Payable Manager, Controller, Gift Manager, or Principal Investigator.
    • Please consult with the Controller’s Office if you need to know the approval chain for transactions larger than $1,000.
  4. Approval Reply:
    • Approved: Employee receives a notification (Bell icon).
    • Sent back: Employee receives item in Workday Inbox (Mail icon).
  5. Report is reviewed by Accounts Payable, who processes the payments / reimbursements.