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  1. Enter Expenses
  2. Create and Submit an Expense Report


Enter Expenses

  1. Click on Expenses worklet and on the next page click Enter Expense.
  2. Date will fill in automatically.
  3. Click the Camera icon to take a picture of the receipt (if you have one). 
  4. Use the drop down list to search for an appropriate description for your Expense Item or type part of the word at the search bar.
  5. Fill out the Amount
  6. For Memo enter a name for the expense report on Memo field that makes sense for you (Ex: LA Conference).
  7. When you’re done, click the check mark icon.

Stop here, or add this expense to an expense report. You can also click Enter Expense and create/add a new one to your list. 

Create and Submit an Expense Report

  1. To create an expense report you can either:
    • Select the expenses you want to include in the report and click the Add to Report button.
    • Or from the Workday homepage, you can click Expenses > Create Expense Report.
  2. Fill in all the required fields:
    • Memo
    • Business Purpose
    • Cost Center / Fund / Additional Worktags (they will default in with your Department Cost Center. If you need to make any changes, clear them out and fill in the right information.
  3. Now you should be all set to start adding the expense lines. You can add the ones you already created and/or add new ones. Click Add Expense.
  4. Any missing fields will appear as errors.Click on the errors messages to get more details. If the receipt is missing, you can click on the camera icon to take a picture of it or upload a file. 
  5. Once you’re done with all the required information, click the check mark icon and after reviewing your expense report, you can finally click the Submit button.

Continue Expense Report on Workday Computer Client

If you started to create an expense report using the mobile app and save it for later, you’ll be able to see it in Workday computer version.

  1. Click the Expenses worklet and the under Recent menu click the expense report you want to see.
  2. If the expense report is still a draft, you’ll be able to edit it. Click Actions button, then Expense Report > Edit.


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