If you are working remotely and do not have direct phone access, your voicemail can be set to forward copies of messages to your email inbox. When this is set, calls will come to your phone normally. If the call is not answered and the caller leaves a voicemail message, a copy of that message will then be directed to your email. This will not forward calls from your extension to a separate phone number. However, you will receive the caller's information and message in your email and you will then be able to return calls using a different device.

If you would like to set your voicemail to forward to your email, please contact ITS with the following information:

  • Your WPI E-mail address
  • Your WPI Extension Number
Deleting the email that you receive will not delete the voicemail message. The voicemail will need to be deleted through your voicemail inbox as only a copy of the message is sent to your email.