A Remote Connection to an OSX computer at WPI allows access to the applications, files, and content on that WPI computer.


  • On-campus machine is powered on and connected to the WPI network
  • Access to the WPI Network or use of the VPN if off-campus
  • Hostname of the WPI machine you wish to remote into
  • Remote Connection enabled on the machine
  • Access to remote into the machine

Validate Remote Connection is Enabled

On the on-campus OSX machine you will be remoting into:

  1. On the keyboard, press Command + Space Bar together to open the Spotlight Search
  2. Search for and open Sharing in the System Preferences
  3. Ensure Remote Management is checked 
Allow Access for:
If All users is not checked off, add yourself in the Only these users field.

Add Self to Remote Management

  1. Press the Only these users: bullet
  2. Press the + (plus) icon
  3. Select your name from the list
  4. When prompted, check all the boxes to ensure properly level of access
Not prompted?
Highlight your name, and press the Options button. Check away!


On the OSX machine you are remoting from:

  1. On the keyboard, press Command + Space Bar to open the Spotlight Search
  2. Search for and open Screen Sharing
  3. Enter the hostname of the machine and press Connect
  4. Enter the username and password you use for the WPI OSX machine
  5. Choose the option to Login as yourself and press OK

Use the OSX machine as if you were sitting in the office! When work is complete, close the Screen Sharing application. If off-campus, disconnect from the VPN.