Recruitment Workflow

The following are the stages a candidate undergoes during the recruitment process:


Upon completing their online application, candidates are automatically placed in the Review stage. Candidates are visible to hiring managers, and members of a Search Committee (if one exists), to begin the Initial Screen.

Initial Screen

As a candidate's application, resume, cover letter, CV, etc. are reviewed, they should be dispositioned by the Hiring Manager into the Initial Screen stage. Those who are no longer up for consideration should be Declined.  Those chosen to continue forward should undergo a phone screen.


If a candidate is selected to move forward, they will begin the Interview stage of recruitment. Hiring Managers should coordinate in-person interviews. First-round, second-round, etc. interviews should be documented and recorded in Workday.

Final Interview

If there are multiple interviews, Hiring Managers should disposition a candidate to Final Interview and document the interviewers and overall notes.

Reference Check

Top candidates will disposition to the Reference Check stage of the recruitment process. References are completed by Hiring Managers and should be added to the candidate profile.


The top candidate is dispositioned to the Offer stage of recruitment. Offers are extended are extended by the Primary Recruiter

Background Check

If a top candidate accepts the offer and signs the agreement letter, they are moved to the Background Check stage of the recruitment process. Offers are made contingent on successful background checks.

Background checks are completed through our partner, HireRight. WPI conducts appropriate background verifications depending on the position type, requirement, and responsibilities.

Ready for Hire

Upon successful completion of a background check, candidates are Ready for Hire