Audience: Grades 7 & 8

Dates: See each session for specific dates. 

Cost: $695

About the Ignite Program

The Ignite Program is a part of WPI's Pre-Collegiate Outreach programs. It is intended for students in grades 7 & 8. 


Focus on current problems and challenges in chemistry and biochemistry. Along with faculty, current WPI students, and classmates, you will use state-of-the-art experimental, analytical, and computer technology to complete projects and assemble your findings.

Session Dates: TBD

Music Technology

Through project-oriented instruction in our state-of-the-art music lab, participants will learn how to compose, perform, and record music using interactive music software instead of traditional instruments. In addition to creating their own original pieces, participants will collaborate with others in the program. Advanced topics will include studio effects, processes, and production techniques to create original compositions.

Session Dates: TBD


Participants investigate the world of modern physics through a combination of hands-on activities, interactive lectures, and audio-visual presentations with our Physics faculty and graduate students. Topics may include: Mechanics: Demonstration of Newton’s laws of motion and conservation of momentum and energy. Electromagnetism and light: How do batteries work and how current is produced. Light interference and conversion of light energy to heat. Aerodynamics: How do airplanes fly and demonstration of rocket dynamics. Structural engineering: Structure designing/building and understanding the stability of different shapes.

Session Dates: TBD

Programming with Python

This program is an introduction to programming using Python through hands-on exploration of basic programming concepts and constructs. We will program some basic commands for a drone for a portion of the program. No prior programming experience is assumed.

Session Dates: TBD


Explore complex robotics programming and construction techniques with our brilliant robotics faculty, using EV3! Participate in interactive discussions, competitive team projects, tour a WPI Robotics Engineering Lab, and learn to drive a 140-lb FIRST Robotics Competition robot.

Session Dates: TBD


Join our STEM Club to experience a week of authentic STEM challenges where we work through the engineering design process to create solutions to real world scenarios. We will work together on projects such as devising ways to illuminate a remote cabin without using electricity , creating a zipline that will safely bring a baby down a mountain and creating solar ovens to help a remote village boil away bacteria from their water. This program combines science and creativity in a fun way!

Session Dates: TBD

Video Game Design

Participants explore game development in both 2D and advanced 3D environments. They learn more advanced interactive design techniques through game development projects in 3D environments. Intermediate programming skills will be taught using coding languages such as C#. No previous experience is required.

Session Dates: TBD