Follow instructions to fill out the Spring 2022 Grading Format Request Form.

  • What courses are eligible for the Pass/NR option?

    C-term, D-term, and full semester Spring 2022 courses are eligible, whether they are undergraduate or graduate level. IQP, MQP, and PQP credits are not eligible for this option. You can choose this option for all your eligible courses, none, or some mix – it is your choice.

  • When can I make a selection for courses and how long do I have to do so?

    You will be able to select this option for eligible courses AFTER your letter grade has been recorded in Workday. When you have a grade the course will show up in your eligible courses list on this form. Deadlines will be strictly enforced as follows:

    • C-term courses – Wednesday, March 16, 5:00 PM EDT
    • All other Spring 2022 courses, including D-term – Thursday, May 12, 5:00 PM EDT (note this is one day less than for C-term due to processing related to May graduation)
  • The Process

    The Spring 2022 Grading Format Request creates a ticket for the Registrar to process your selection.

    The courses you are registered for, that have been graded will appear in the My Courses Section. Each of your registered courses will display the Course Title, and Current Grade Mode, and Current Grade.

  • Change Grade Mode

    To change the Grade Mode, use the Pass/NR buttons and make a selection for each of your courses. If you wish to keep the Current Grade Mode, there is no need to note so on this form.

    When all selections have been made, you may add any questions or concerns in the Additional Comments text field.

    When your form has been filled out completely, press the Submit Request button.

    Once the Form has been submitted, you can review the status of your request in the My Tickets section of your WPI Hub Dashboard.