Access Project Registration System

  1. Login to the Project Registration System
  2. Press the Start an IQP Registration option
  3. Read the instructions carefully
  4. Input the required information as noted below

Once you Submit the information, the registration will be sent to your project advisor for approval. Once approved, the request will be sent to the Registrar for the official registration.

Issue with your registration?
Your advisor may send back your registration if they find errors. You will be notified via email to log back in to rectify the issues.

Project Description

The following information should be input as shown on the eProjects 2.0 entry and must match the entries submitted by group/team members:

  • Project Title
  • IQP Division
  • Advisor
  • CoAdvisor (if one exists)
  • Second CoAdvisor (if one exists)
  • Organization (if one exists)
  • IGSD Project Center: none
  • Human Subjects Involved?
  • Registration Overload?

Once information is input, press the Begin an IQP Registration Request

Declare Units

In the Select Term and Units section:

  1. Input the Term and number of Units for the IQP that term
  2. Press Record Unit
  3. Repeat for these steps for each term you wish to register for

Review all information and press Submit