If your client is not capable of making an Exchange connection, an IMAP connection may allow you an alternate way to access your Email.

Support for IMAP connections is provided by the vendor (Microsoft). Any changes to this functionality by the vendor may impact performance of non-standard email clients. Should mail features or sending/receiving not function as expected, ITS may be able to assist with transitioning to a WPI standard email client.

An IMAP connection will give you access to any folders you may have created on your IMAP account. IMAP connections also leave the original email on the server for access from another client.

Incoming Settings for Office 365

  1. Username: Your WPI email address
  2. Password: Your WPI password
  3. IMAP Server: outlook.office365.com
  4. Port: 993
  5. Security Type: SSL
  6. MAP path prefix: Blank (setting may not appear on all clients)

Outgoing Settings for Office 365

  1. SMTP Server: smtp.office365.com
  2. Port: 587
  3. Security Type: STARTTLS
  4. Require Sign-in?: Yes (may not be on all clients)
  5. Username: Your WPI email address
  6. Password: Your WPI password