Discussions allow you to have conversations online. Sometimes an instructor sets up a discussion so that you can not see what others have posted until you submit your response. So don't wait to see someone else's reply before submitting your own. Often an instructor will attach a rubric or scoring guide to a discussion that they will use to score your participation. Be sure to look at that before composing your reply.

You should compose your discussion posts locally on your device, using Microsoft Word for example, and then copy and paste it into your discussion post or reply in Canvas.

To reply to a comment already posted by another student, locate the post you want to reply to and click the reply icon below it.

Discussion Etiquette

  • It is never acceptable to insult or harass another person online.
  • Be sure to check your spelling and grammar before submitting a post!
  • Before asking a question, review the discussion to see if anyone has asked it already and received a reply.
  • Before you respond to an older comment, ensure that you have checked more recent comments as the issue may already have been resolved or the argument discussed.
  • Respect your classmates opinions and if you disagree, do so respectfully. Recognize that others are entitled to have their own perspective on the issue and acknowledge the valid points in your classmate’s argument when you reply.
  • Always use Please and Thank you when asking for assistance.
  • Avoid posting irrelevant or off topic comments, links, or images.
  • When referring to previous comments, quote a few lines from the post so that other readers understand what you are referencing.
  • Do not use ALL CAPS as if you do, it will appear as if you are screaming and can be irritating to read.
  • Practice brevity as overly complex answers to simple questions or comments may be ignored.
  • Sarcasm, even if meant as a joke, should be avoided. Without hearing your tone of voice, your fellow students might not realize your intent.
  • Provide accurate information in your replies. Pointing other students to incorrect information will harm your reputation.
  • Ensure that you have exhausted all other avenues, such as the class FAQs or an internet search, before posting a question.
  • We all make mistakes. If your classmate makes an error, be kind and do not harass them for it.