Building Access OnlyTenant Building Access/Lab Usage visitorsE.g., BETC, LSBC, include all Tenants in WPI security controlled buildings/lots. Sharing labs in Gateway Park, LSBC, etc,
Collaborator - AcademicVisiting professors, recent WPI graduates completing commitment to a professorE.g., finishing a paper, research or present at a conference. Can be initiated by a change of status for former Faculty or Student.
Collaborator - AthleticsVolunteers for varsity athletics (NOT summer sports camps)Can happen throughout year. Helping coach, gain experience. Building access to rec center. Sometimes get hired and/or are repeat temp. Sign waiver, get criminal background check. Includes intramurals.
Collaborator - eProjectsProject related companies and isntructionsMQP and IQP
Collaborator - InternshipIndividuals on campus who are unpaid, typically as part of an internship or practicum experienceStudent affairs specifically reporting Student Dec Counseling. Receiving credit from their school, not paid.
Collaborator - Non-Faculty ResearchCollaborators, Visiting scholars (non-degree, non-employee, non-student)Often requires SharePoint access and sometimes shared drive access for researchers and visiting scholars or professors from other universities.
Collaborator - Research CentersResearch CentersMembership by employees of corporations and university in the Research Centers who might have access to WPI Resources.
Consultant - Agency HireWorker paid by third party, temporary agencyUniversity pay vendor and vendor pays contractor. E.g., ERP project consultants (KFORCE, AccountTemps). Possible temp-to-perm scenario. Entry needs to include title (if applicable) and rate information.
Consultant - AuditorWorker paid by third partyAuditor. Not directly paid through WPI payroll
Consultant - FacilitiesWorker paid by third partyWorking for Facilities. Not paid directly through WPI payroll.
Consultant - Independent ContractorCompany or individual that submits an invoice and may need access to buildings, systems, etc.Independent contractors. Anyone who needs access to WPI for more than casual use.
Consultant - MilitaryMilitary personnel who teach ROTC courses and supervise a department adminPaid by the US Military. Current there are 7 individuals in this position and all report to Art Heinricher in AA.
Consultant - ChartwellChartwell dining employee
Family & Friends - On Campus FamilySpouses or children of staff, faculty, or students who live on campus
Family & Friends - RetireeRetireesEmeritus Faculty, retirees with WPI email and access to Library and Fitness center
Family & Friends - TrusteeTrustees with certain accessReceive ID numbers; if alums, they already have ID. Retain WPI email addresses
Membership - AthleticAccess to Recreation Center
Membership - ConsortiumConsortium StudentsStudents attending WPI on reciprocity between other schools
Membership - Corporate ReportsCorporate ReportsWe currently have over 90 corporate (non-WPI) members accessing conference and research reports.
Membership - LibraryHigh school student library accessWifi access
Student Treasures
The Contingent Type Student Treasurers is for system use only.