Students will be registering for courses that require approval from the faculty teaching the course or their advisor. Approvals will be automatically generated and tracked through the ticketing system.

If an approval is required, you will receive an email requesting you review the approval:

Sample email of an approval request for InTro.

Press the access this ticket link. It will open a web browser to a WPI Hub site. 

Review the request and choose the Approve or Deny option.

Sample ticket for approver to process the registration request.

An Approved request will be sent to the Registrar for processing.

A Denied request will resolve the ticket for the student.

Multi-Component Course Approvals

If you are teaching a course with multiple components (lecture, discussion, and/or laboratory), you may receive multiple approval requests for the same ticket. You will receive an approval request for each waitlisted or closed section that the student requests.

You will be presented with the opportunity to individually approve or deny the sections on the Hub page. If you choose to deny an individual component section, the student will receive an email asking them to provide an alternative component section number. The Registrar's office will then send you a updated approval request for newly requested section.

Additionally, if you are the assigned instructor for all the requested course sections, you will also be presented with an option to Deny All Requests and Close Ticket. This will not ask the student to provide an alternative component section, and will instead close the ticket. Use this feature if you do not wish for the student to join your course at all.

Registration Approvals section for a multi-component course, showing individual "Approve" and "Deny" options for each section, as well as "Deny All Requests and Close Ticket."