The My TechFlex dashboard provides insights into the things you need to complete in order for WPI to help our students during this COVID Pandemic. Currently, use the My TechFlex dashboard to access your Student Intent Survey.

In addition, more information around what courses you're taking and how they are being delivered, and your COVID testing information will be displayed!

View My TechFlex Dashboard

  1. Sign In to the WPI Hub
  2. Press the Robot Icon in the top right corner of the Hub
  3. Click My Dashboard
  4. Click My TechFlex from the menu options on the left
  • Fill Out the Student Intent Survey

    Press the button to access your Student Intent survey. Respond to all the questions:

    Intent for B-Term 2020

    Do you plan to take all your courses online in B-Term 2020? 

    Answer Yes if you are taking ONLY Online courses.

    If you intend on being in the classroom for any of your courses, labs, projects, or other academics, answer No. 

    Will you come to campus for any other reason in B-Term 2020?

    Answer Yes if you intend to use any of the resources on campus (study spaces, library, Sports & Rec Center, Campus Center, research labs, computer labs, etc.) or if you have a position in a department that requires you to be on campus.

    Answer No if you will not be on campus in any capacity.

    Are you employed by WPI?

    Answer Yes if you have any type of position with the university (work study, hourly employment, research assistant, teaching assistant, peer learning assistant, etc.)

    Additional Details

    Where do you plan to live during B-Term 2020?

    On Campus Residents
    Students who have existing housing contracts with residence life, or live in on campus housing, will not see this section and do not need to fill it out.

    If selecting Fraternity or Sorority House or Off-Campus Within 0.5 Miles in the US, please provide the address of the place you will be living (local address). If this off-campus residence is your permanent home, please indicate so by selecting yes.

    If selecting Off-Campus More Than 0.5 Miles Away in the US, indicate whether this is in or out state. If out of state, select the state you will be living in from the dropdown menu. Input the address of the residence you'll be living (local address).   If this off-campus residence is your permanent home, please indicate so by selecting yes.  

    If selecting At An International Location, indicate if the international location is where your permanent home is.

    Phone Number

    Please input a local phone number (typically a mobile number) you can be reached at, if needed.

    When ready, press Submit

  • Update the Student Intent Survey

    Updating your Student Intent is quite simple. Click on the Student Intent Survey button within the My TechFlex Dashboard.

    All answers you previously submitted will populate. Input the changes you wish to make and press Submit!