Logitech MeetUp, Expansion Microphone, and Remote (image courtesy of Logitech.com)
  • D-term 2021 Logitech MeetUp Classroom Locations

    • AK116
    • AK219
    • AK232
    • FI105
    • FI203
    • FI205
    • FL LWR (Lower Perreault Hall)
    • FL UPR (Upper Perreault Hall)
    • FL311
    • HL114
    • HL116
    • HL154
    • HL202
    • HL218
    • HL230
    • KH115
    • KH116
    • OH107
    • OH109
    • OH126
    • OH218
    • OH223
    • SH106
    • SH202
    • SH203
    • SH304
    • SH306
    • SH308
    • SH309
    • SL011
    • SL104
    • SL115
    • SL305
    • SL402
    • SL406
    • SL407
    • SL411
    • WB229
    • WB323
  • Logitech MeetUp Components

    MeetUp: This is the main conferencing device. It contains a controllable camera with microphones and speakers built into the device. 

    Expansion mic (1): This attaches to the main device and expands the microphone pickup range up to an additional 14'. ATC recommends you place this mic closer to where students are sitting.

    Remote: This is mounted to the podium top and allows you to control functions like camera zoom, pan, volume, and microphone mute.

    L to R: the Logitech Expansion Mic, Remote, and Logitech MeetUp on the podium top in WB229
  • Configuring the MeetUp with Zoom

    1. Connect to your meeting using the Zoom desktop application.
    2. From Zoom, navigate to Video/Start Video > Video Settings and be sure the Logitech MeetUp camera option is selected.
    3. Navigate to Audio Settings (via the microphone icon) and make sure the Speaker is set to Extron HDMI (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) as shown.
    4. Still in Audio Settings, be sure the Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Logitech MeetUp) Microphone option is selected.
    Foisie Classrooms 105, 203, and 205
    Foisie Classrooms 105, 203, and 205 should use Echo Cancelling Speakerphone (Logitech MeetUp) for the Speaker device.
    Zoom audio settings for all classrooms excluding Foisie 105, 203, and 205: make sure Extron HDMI (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) is selected. 
  • Using the MeetUp Remote

    Please use the remote to control the MeetUp.

    • Use the buttons around the circle in the center of the remote to pan the camera around the room.
    • Use the magnifying glass to zoom the camera in or out.
    • The center home button will reset the camera to its default position.
    • The red microphone button will mute and unmute the microphone.
    Logitech MeetUp remote (image courtesy of Logitech.com)