Everyday web usage poses hidden threats, but every day is also a good day to be cybersecure!

Resources for online shopping, acquiring textbooks and media, online banking, using mobile payment apps  are below to help you take charge of your security and thwart cybercriminals!  

Browser Settings

Understanding how browser privacy settings operate and the options you have can help with secure web usage. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides information about Online Tracking in Actions.

Shopping Online

A popular shopping season is approaching! The FTC offers consumers tips for identifying whether sellers and products are legitimate. Additionally, they offer tips on checking terms of purchase, protecting your finances, and how to report fraud. Read more in Shopping Online in Actions

Online purchases of textbooks and media also need to be cybersecure. Learn how to recognize illegitimate services in the Related ArticleFree Rarely Means Free

Banking Online

WPI Information Security recommends ways to stay safe with remote banking and links to additional resources in the Related ArticleOnline Banking Security.

Mobile Payment Apps

There is no need to trade convenience for security! The FTC tells you how in Mobile Payment Apps: How to Avoid Scams under Actions