This update impacts the extension displayed in the online directory and email Global Address List.

  1. Navigate to: and login with your WPI credentials.
  2. Select the Personal Info tab.
  3. Choose Update Address(es) and Phone(s).
  4. Select the School/Campus address. 
  5. Click on Current to edit. (If a Current address does not exist, for Type of Address to Insert choose School/Campus from the dropdown, then click Submit).
  6. For Primary Phone Number For This Address field enter:
    • Area Code: 508
    • Phone Number: 8315000
    • Extension: Your Work Extension (ex: 1234), which feeds the Automated Attendant.
  7. Click Submit.

If you are creating the School/Campus address for the first time, make sure to input these additional required fields:

  • Valid From This Date
  • Address Line 1
  • City
  • State or Province
  • Zip or Postal Code
  • County