These instructions were based on a Google Pixel 3a XL running Android 11 with the February 2021 security update installed. Most Pixel phones should look similar - though other vendors may have changed the interface. If you have questions, please open a ticket with WPI Service Desk.

If your device has ever been connected to the WPI-Wireless or eduroam networks, start in the section to Prepare Device Previously Connect to WPI-Wireless or eduroam.

If this a device new to the WPI networks, begin in the Download Certificates section. 

Checked out the Advanced tab of this article for some FAQs or contact if you run into any issues during this process!

  • Prepare Device Previously Connected to WPI-Wireless or eduroam

    If your Android has been connected to the WPI-Wireless of eduroam networks, you must first prepare your device:

    Uninstall Secure W2 JoinNow App

    If you still have the Secure W2 JoinNow application installed, you must uninstall it from the Android.

    Forget WPI Networks

    1. Open the Settings app
    2. Open Network & Internet option
    3. Open Wi-Fi option
    4. Open Saved Networks option
    5. Open the following networks and press Forget
      • WPI-Wireless
      • eduroam
      • WPI-Open

    Remove WPI Wireless Certificates

    1. Open the Settings app
    2. Open the Security option
    3. Open Encryption & Credentials option
    4. Open User Credentials
    5. Click all WPI related certificates and choose Remove. These may include, but are not limited to:
      • WPI NetOps Wireless CA
      • WPI NetOps Wireless CA - Intermediate
      • WPI-Wireless...NULL (WPI-Wireless...NULL_0, WPI-Wireless...NULL_1, etc.)
      • eduroam...NULL (eduroam...NULL_0, eduroam...NULL_1, etc.)
  • Download Certificates

    From your device, connect to any available wireless or cellular network. If on-campus, we recommend using WPI-Open.

    Sign In & Get Started

    You must use the factory installed web browser or Google Chrome. This process will not work on other browsers.
    1. Open the WPI Wireless Setup page:
    2. Click Setup My WPI WiFi
    3. The website will identify your device as an Android (manual). If not, change the dropdown menu at the bottom to Android (manual) (the screen will refresh)
    4. Click Sign In to login with your WPI credentials
      • If you do not see Android (manual) or Sign In it is possible your device has cached the webpage. Please manually refresh the page before continuing.
    MFA Note
    If you use Microsoft Authenticator on this device, IT recommends you choose to Sign in another way to receive a TXT Message instead.

    Create Your Certificate

    You will be prompted to create a certificate:

    1. Input Required Field Information
    2. Press Create
    Wireless Certificate Creation page with "Android (manual)" as the Operating System, "eg: my Verizon Google Pixel 3XL" as the User Description, and "xx-xx-xx-xx-xx or xx:xx:xx:xx:xx" as the WiFi MAC Address

    Input the following field information:

    User Description

    Provide a description of your device. IT recommends documenting your device (Verizon Google Pixel, Samsung Note S5, etc.)

    WiFi MAC Address

    Use the MAC Address for your device. This can be found in the Settings > About area. The value is labeled Device Wi-Fi MAC Address.

    Create Certificate Password

    After you press Create for your certificate, you will be prompted to create a password for the certificate. Your password:

    • Must be 8 characters or longer
    • Must include an Uppercase, a lowercase, and a number
    • Must NOT be your WPI password

    You must remember this password!

    1. Input your password
    2. Press Submit. Please be patient. The process to generate the certificate may take up to 10 seconds or more.

    Download Certificates

    1. Click the P12 link to download your User Certificate
      • The filename will be
    2. After saving the file, press Next
    3. Click the WPI NetOps Wireless CA (Jan 10 2041) to download the CA Certificate
      • The filename will be 9f3cc5f891b54e947d422f8cca31345b8c3ec55a.cer

    Android may produce a message Install CA in Settings. Ignore the message and confirm.

  • Install Certificates

    In order to utilize the on-campus wireless, you will need to install the previously downloaded certificates onto your device.

    1. Open Settings app
    2. Open Network & Internet option
    3. Open Wi-Fi option
    4. Open the Wi-Fi Preferences option
    5. Expand Advanced
    6. Choose Install Certificates
    7. Install the Certificate Authority (CA) certificate first. Click on 9f3cc5f891b54e947d422f8cca31345b8c3ec55a.cer
      • Name the certificate: WPI NetOps CA
    8. Install the User Certificate next. Click on
      1. Provide the password you created when downloading the certificate in the previous section
      2. Name the certificate:

    These certificates can be used for both the WPI-Wireless and eduroam networks. You will not have to download separate certificates for each network.

    User Certificate Expiration
    All WPI User Certificates expire 12 months after creation. 
  • Connect to WPI-Wireless & eduroam

    Now that you have your user certificate and the WPI Network Operations Certificate Authority installed, you are ready to connect to WPI-Wireless.

    1. Open Settings app
    2. Open Network & Internet option
    3. Open Wi-Fi option
    4. Your device will scan for available wireless networks. When found, click on WPI-Wireless
    5. Configure your device to use the settings below:
      • EAP Method: TLS
      • CA Certificate: WPI NetOps CA
      • Online Certificate Status: Request certificate status
      • Domain:
      • User Certificate:
      • Identity:
      • Privacy: Use device MAC
    6. Click Connect
    WPI-Wireless configuration where EAP method is "TLS", CA certificate is "WPI NetOps CA", Online Certificate Status is "Request certificate status", Domain is "", User certificate is "", Identity is "" Metered is "Detect automatically", Proxy is "None", IP settings is "DHCP", and Privacy is "Use device MAC"

    If this is the first time your device is connecting to WPI-Wireless, the process should autoregister your device and then disconnect you from WPI-Wireless. Your device will then connect back to WPI-Wireless and you should be properly connected.

    Connect to eduroam

    The eduroam network is available at higher education and research institutions across the world. If you plan on travelling - even if to Clark or Worcester State - you should setup eduroam on your device to seemlessly access the Internet when on those campuses.

    Repeat the instructions above on the eduroam network. You will not need new or different certificates for this process.

Troubleshooting FAQs

I don't see a Sign-in button, only a JoinNow button.

You need to scroll to the bottom of the page and change Select your device type: to Android (manual)

I cannot login to! What is the problem?

Sometimes the status of a user may change due to Accounting or Registrar policies. You should check with WPI Service Desk to confirm that your user account is in all the correct groups.

I am being asked to Approve sign in request - but the Microsoft Authenticator app is on this device and I'm not on the network yet. What do I do?

There is a link on that page called Sign in another way. If you have setup your phone in the MFA configuration, you will be able to send a text message rather than use the Authenticator app.

What should I put for my User Description?

Enter information that would help you identify this device ; this data is not used by the system, only as a helpful text for you.

I don't know the MAC Address of my device!

You can find this in the Settings app under the About option. The value is labelled "Device Wi-Fi MAC address"

It's not accepting my MAC Address!

MAC Addresses contain twelve characters ranging from 0-9 and A-F. When entering them, you need to put a colon (:) or a hyphen (-) after every two characters.

It's not accepting my password when creating a certificate!

The password you use needs to be at least 6 characters in length and have one of each Number, Uppercase letter, Lowercase letter. DO NOT use any WPI Password for this step. You can click on the eye icon to unmask and show the password you typed to confirm.

I clicked on PFX/PEM/PVK - will that still work?

No, Google Android required a P12 file to work in this configuration. The other file types may be used by other devices or custom configurations.

When installing the User Certificate, my device keeps rejecting the password.

It's recommended if this happend to redownload the User Certificate. Please be sure to click on the eye icon to confirm your password. If the new User Certificate still not working, please open a ticket with WPI Service Desk.

My device connects to WPI-Wireless but it says No Internet

This status should disappear in the first minute of operation. If it persists, and you confirm that you are unable to access popular websites on the Internet - please open a ticket with WPI Service Desk. There may be an issue with the device registration.

I followed the steps, but I only see a page saying MAC Randomization Feature Enabled.

You will need to forget and reconnect to WPI-Wireless. The Privacy setting needs to be set to Use device MAC

I followed the steps, but I only see a page saying This Device is Suspended!

Please open a ticket with WPI Service Desk. This device has been flagged by Information Security and additional steps will need to be taken.