The NAB will have 5 classrooms with flexible, movable furniture and similar in layout to Salisbury Labs 305 or 411. The AV installation in this building will be similar to the active learning classrooms in the Innovation Studio with some tweaks to the instructor podium setup.

The seating can be configured as square tables for groups of 8 students or rows of tables/chairs:

  • 2 classrooms will seat 120 students with 9 projectors
  • 2 classrooms will seat 80 students with 8 projectors
  • 1 classroom will seat 48 students with 7 projectors
  • Classroom Rendering

    This photo is a rendering of the 120-seat classroom. There are 9 projection screens indicated by the bolded, red lines around the exterior of the room.
  • Podium Photos and Rendering

    The classrooms will all include a  lightweight, wheeled, height-adjustable podium (24"x54"). Each podium will be equipped with a desktop computer, Wacom interactive pen display, document camera, keyboard/mouse, and gooseneck microphone.  All classrooms will have Solstice wireless screen sharing, wireless microphones with ceiling mounted mic-arrays and cameras.

    The podium will be connected to additional equipment in a wall-mounted rack: Echo360 appliance, AV control panel, and inputs for USB-C and HDMI cables.

    This is a photo of the podium that is available for instructors to preview. 
    The podium is wheeled and height-adjustable. Controls to adjust the height are found on the right-front of the podium, as pictured.
    Note about the rendering below
    Each podium will include a desktop computer similar to non-Innovation Studio classrooms. In the rendering below, the laptop and notebook included in the drawing are intended to demonstrate that there will be additional space on the podium top for an instructor to bring their own laptop and instructional notes. Laptops will not be provided in the NAB classrooms as feedback from instructors teaching in the Innovation Studio rooms has indicated instructor preference is a more powerful desktop should be installed in classrooms.
    A rendering of the new podium design for classrooms in the new academic building
    For instructors who do not want to be tethered to the wired podium, there will be a height-adjustable mobile lectern  that can be wheeled around the classrooms.