IMPORTANT: Third party proxies should refer to instructions in Workday Third Party Proxy: Parents & Friends under Related Items > Articles.

IMPORTANT - Students: DO NOT DELETE AND RE-ADD THIRD PARTY FAMILY/FRIENDS. Email addresses cannot be reused!

Students should enter emergency contacts -- individuals WPI would contact in case you ever experience a personal emergency. ​

Students can also designate third-party proxy users, individuals who can access specified academic and financial tasks. Examples include:

  • make a payment
  • view account activity
  • view student statement
  • view current classes
  • view student grades
  • allow proactive notifications
Nelnet Authorization 
Students will need to authorize a third party separately within the Nelnet platform to make credit card payments or enroll in the payment plan on their behalf. 
  • Student: Add Friends and Family

    Don't miss these steps!
    1. Use Proxy, Legal Guardian, Parent, or Next of Kin for Relationship Type; 2. Check the Is Third Party checkbox; 3. Add an email in Contact Information; 4. Actions > Manage Permissions to grant access.

    Before you begin: Log into Workday on a desktop or laptop computer; the mobile app is not recommended for this process.

    Student profile > Contact > Friends and Family.

    Do not delete and add again; instead, scroll right to Actions to edit or grant access permissions.

    Use Actions to edit or manage access.

    Add My Friends and Family

    1. Start on the Workday homepage and click the profile icon in the upper right corner. Then click View Profile.
      • The default profile icon is a white cloud on a blue background. Otherwise it will be an uploaded picture.  
    2. Click Contact in the menu on the left, then click Friends and Family. (Profile instructions in the Related Items menu on this page.)
    3. Click Add.
    4. Fill out the form, noting required (*) fields. 
    5. IMPORTANT: For third-party access, Relationship Types must be Proxy, Legal Guardian, Parent, or Next of Kin. Also check Is Third-Party.
    6. Click Contact Information and enter Email.  (Email is the unique identifier for third-party and used for notifications.) If you open another section, e.g., Phone, you must enter the required fields or Remove the section. IF THIRD PARTY EMAIL ADDRESS CHANGES DO NOT DELETE OR EDIT EMAIL IN ORIGINAL CONTACT- uncheck Is Third-Party and ADD A NEW CONTACT USING THE NEW EMAIL.
    7. Click OK, then Done.
    8. IMPORTANT: Continue to Manage Permissions -- third parties cannot sign into Workday until you assign permissions.

    Manage Permissions

    Third parties CANNOT sign into Workday until you assign access permissions.

    1. For each person, click Actions and choose Manage Permissions for My Third Party.
    2. On the next screen, click OK.
    3. Check Allowed for tasks you would like the person to access, then click OK.
      - Make a Payment (ACH)
      - View Account Activity
      - View Student Statement
      - View Current Classes
      - View Student Grades
    4. Fill in Purpose of Waiver with a short reason, then check Confirm.
    5. Click Submit. 

    Under Actions, you can also edit or remove people from your Friends and Family list. 

    Removing Third Parties
    If you remove a third party, you cannot add that person again with the same email address -- the person will not be able to sign into Workday.  You can add someone with the same first name/last name and other information, but you have to add a new/different email address 
  • Student: Turn On Billing Notices for Third Party

    As of March 2022, Workday now allows you to edit your friends and family (third party proxy) to view and receive proactive workday notices regarding billing.

    After logging into Workday:

    • Click your profile icon. If necessary, click your student profile
      • See Workday Student Profiles article in the Actions menu for more details.
    • Click Contact, then click Friends and Family.
    • Find the person you want to receive proactive billing notifications. Scroll to the far right. Click Actions. Then click Manage Permissions for My Third Party. Click OK to confirm your selection.
    • Click the box under This option allows third parties to receive proactive past due balance notifications.
    • Click OK. Enter a reason for waiving FERPA. Click the Confirm box. Click Submit.
    Screenshot with an arrow pointing to the box to check to enable third party billing notifications.
  • Troubleshooting


    Laptop or Desktop Computer: Setting up Friends and Family is best done on a computer and not in the mobile app.

    Contact Info: These three items must be completed by student for third party to receive access.

    1. Relationship TypeProxy
    2. Is Third Party Userchecked
    3. Manage Permissions has been filled out (blank permissions prevent access)

    Email Address: NEVER delete email and re-add, or delete contact and re-add using previous email. (If this has been done the only solution is to create a new contact with a different email.)

    Student Workers and Treasurers

    Workday defaults to the worker or treasurer information on the profile page. The Friends and Family tab is attached to the contact information on the student profile.

    Please see the Workday Student Profiles article in the Related Items menu on this page for instructions on how to switch to your student profile. 

    Information to Provide to IT Service Desk

    Student name and third party name.