Preparation Steps

  1. Develop your "elevator pitch"
  2. Research your prospective employer
  3. Understand the interview process
  4. Record a practice interview using InterviewStream
  5. Schedule a InterviewStream Feedback appointment


Interviews can be very nerve-racking, especially the first couple. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when preparing for them.

  1. Carefully read through the job description
  2. Consider why you would be a good fit for the role
  3. Carry out thorough research on the company and the role
  4. Review common interview questions and prepare responses to them
  5. Practice your speaking language and body language
  6. Prepare questions for the interviewer
  7. Print hard copies of your resume
  8. Follow up with the interviewers or recruiters after the interview

What is InterviewStream?

InterviewStream is a resource in Handshake used by the CDC to help students and job seekers prepare for job interviews by creating a no-pressure environment to practice and develop their skills.