General Information

Course changes (add/drop) and Project/Independent study registrations without penalty for terms A-D may occur through the 5th day of the term, not including weekends. On days 6-10 of the term, not including weekends, add/drops are permitted with instructor approval. A $100 late fee will be charged per class (for adds) on days 6-10. No add/drops are allowed after day 10.

Add/Drop Process for Regular Registrations

This process is for adding or dropping regular classes with no special permissions.

Use Bannerweb to add/drop for Summer 2021. Use Workday to drop/swap for Fall 2021. Add/drop deadlines posted in the calendar are enforced.

Add/Drop Process for Registrations Requiring Permission

This process is used when special permission is required, such as overriding into a class and requiring a professor's approval.

 Please use the electronic add/drop form to route your request to the appropriate approvers, and then, if approved, to the Registrar for processing.