WPI’s comprehensive COVID-19 testing program uses pooled COVID test results with notification via schooltesting.org.

  • Initial Account Activitation

    1. You will receive an email from notify@notify.schooltesting.org requesting you to activate your account.

    2. Click the Set Password button.

    WPI COVID Testing email from notify@notify.schooltesting.org with Set Password button. 

    3. On the Welcome screen, create a new strong password and click Reset Password.

    Welcome screen with Reset Password fields and button.

    4. On the Login Screen, enter your WPI email and your new password.

    Login screen.

    5. Once you login, you will be able to see your results. Negative results display as “NO FOLLOW-UP TESTING NEEDED”.

    Results screen.
  • Future Testing

    All future tests should bring you to https://wpi.schooltesting.org/login so you can see results after logging in. 

    This is available in Actions, as well as in My TechFlex on the WPI Hub.

  • Troubleshooting

    If you encounter errors trying to access your results, you can try either of these options as quick ways to gain access to the testing results portal.

    • Copy and paste the link from the bottom of your Make an Account email message. (Don't click it; Safelinks may be stripping some important info when it adjusts the link for security.)
    • Use the reset password feature to regain access or setup an account.