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Add Academic Support Worklet

The Academic Support worklet contains student and course data reports for faculty, advisors, and staff. To add the worklet, under Actions, see View Workday Student for Faculty and Staff -- directions are in the center column.

Workday Report Tips

Use the current term/semester for Academic Period to limit results.

In fields, type partial words, then click Enter.

To select all items in a field:

  • Type Ctrl+A (or Command+A on a Mac)
  • Press Enter/Return on your keyboard
  • Click outside the field

In report results, look for these options (not available for all reports):

  • Export to Excel or PDF (useful when retaining photos)
  • Sort and filter by column header
  • Configuration grid icon to hide columns
  • Faceted searches on left
  • Double-headed arrows to expand results to use the entire window

How to find...

Registered/waitlist totals

Use Exportable Course Section Details - WPI.

All course sections in a department

Use Exportable Course Section Details - WPI.

Students by course section(s)

Use View Course Section Roster – WPI.

Students in a department or program

Use Find Students for Academic Departments.

Student records

Search for Student: Firstname Lastname  or partial name.