Steve Lucas is wearing a light blue dress shirt, a gray plaid suit jacket, and the background has blurry tree leaves.

Steve Lucas has over 25 years experience in senior leadership roles at a variety of different software companies. He is currently the CEO at iCIMS, which is a cloud-based recruiting platform.

Prior to iCIMS, he was the CEO of Marketo. He arrived at a time the company was struggling and he transformed the business into a thriving enterprise that Adobe bought for $4.75 billion.

Steve was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in his early 20's. He views his diabetes as a blessing in disguise because it taught him how to be an empathetic person and leader.

Interview with Steve Lucas about Type 1 Diabetes:

"What you learn is what you see at the surface level is not reality." - Steve Lucas

CEO, Steve Lucas Introduces iCIMS Talent Cloud:

Explanation of What iCIMS Does:

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