Disable MAC Randomization

You will first need to connect to the WPI-Wireless or eduroam network to disable MAC randomization. Please see the Connect to WPI Wireless on Android Devices related article for instructions on accessing these networks.

  1. Connect to the WPI-Wireless or eduroam network.
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the network name.
  3. For the CA Certificate and User Certificate fields, select the appropriate certificate depending on the network you are accessing:
    • WPI-Wireless_WPI... for the WPI-Wireless network
    • eduroam_WPA... for the eduroam network
  4. Enter the Domain as wpi.edu
  5.  Type your username@wpi.edu for the Identity field
  6. Select the Advanced Options and click on the MAC setting and choose Use device MAC.
  7. Click Save to reconnect to the network.