WPI ITS-managed computers running Windows 10 require an operating system update to version 1709.


Timing: Allow up to 3 hours to complete updates; ITS suggests updating overnight. Scheduling option: You will be prompted to schedule the update on your computer within the five-week time frame to minimize work disruption. This includes computers that are off-campus, but connected via VPN. Automatic Update: Computers not updated by August 7, will automatically update at 8 PM or as soon as powered on or rejoined to the ADMIN domain.

Action Needed

Store data in a networked location, or perform a backup prior to updating your computer. When a Software Center prompt appears, click Snooze to see prompt later. NOTE: ITS recommends scheduling for end of day or overnight, as the updates may take up to 3 hours. Open Software Center, choose Operating Systems, click on Schedule to set date and time for updates.