To improve campus email services WPI has transitioned to Microsoft's cloud solution Office 365 (O365), and mailinglists are now O365 Groups.


Many benefits come with this change, including: More reliable, higher availability email service for the WPI community Improved mobile and collaboration capability via O365 tools Increased email quota (50 GB) Quicker access to new product features Faculty and staff using Office 2016 on campus computers will see very little change. Web users will access O365 apps, including Outlook for the Web at portal.office.com.

Action Needed

Online access to email will change. Web users can visit portal.office.com to access Outlook for O365, also known as "Outlook for the Web" Check the Junk mail folder. Microsoft uses enhanced junk mail handling. Valid messages can be whitelisted using "safe senders" to avoid being treated as Junk Mail. Mobile users can download the Outlook App for O365


Desktop users will continue to use Office 2016 Outlook client with no change. You may notice the addition of a Groups item in your folder list.

Going forward, mailinglist owners will use Outlook for the Web to manage O365 Groups they own. Moderators of 0365 Distribution Groups (formerly known as distribution lists or standinglists) will approve messages using Outlook or Outlook for the Web.

The following legacy tools/services have been retired:   

  • www.wpi.edu/+mailinglist
  • PureMessage
  • Squirrelmail
  • Submission.wpi.edu