To bring all WPI-owned Windows computers into compliance with the latest Microsoft security updates.


Release includes patches released by Microsoft over the last 20 months. The large release ensures all WPI-owned systems are completely up to date prior to Microsoft's new patch release system. Machines will restart multiple times throughout the process. Log off and do not shut down. If your computer is powered off, the patches will be applied within a few minutes of powering on the computer but the automatic reboots will not occur until after 10pm and ending by 5am the next day.

Action Needed

Due to the amount of potential patches needed to bring your machine up to date, we ask that before end of business on Tuesday you: save all work, log off, and leave the machine powered on weeknights. Should your machine get stuck on Stage 2 of 2, simultaneously press the keys CTRL+ALT+DEL to view the log on prompt. Please contact and provide the Service Desk with any information if you encounter errors, x5888 or email ITS@wpi.edu.