On Thursday, Microsoft announced a critical patch for all versions of Internet Explorer. This vulnerability is especially concerning because the victim need only visit a malicious web page which allows malicious code to run on their computer. Typically these site links are delivered through a phishing email or social engineering. Microsoft and the security community have received reports of this being actively exploited.


WPI IT will deploy this patch to all domain machines tonight, Friday December 21 at 9 PM. This update will reboot each computer, so please leave your machine on so it can be patched and rebooted automatically. IT has verified that our Endpoint Protection is up to date, as well as the internet firewalls. When working from home it is important that you login via the VPN to ensure that WPI data and connections are protected.

Action Needed

Leave computers powered on. If you have already left campus and your computer is off, the patch will be applied when you return and power it on. Login via VPN when working from off-campus. Perform Windows Updates to apply the patch to personally-managed devices. More information can be viewed using the Microsoft link below. The page requires you to Accept Terms of Service to view full information.