The implementation of Office 365 (O365) enables new SharePoint online features.


Sites will be moved to SharePoint online (wpi0.sharepoint.com) with a new naming convention, and on-premise SharePoint (sharepoint.wpi.edu) will be taken offline. Details and Timeline contain comprehensive information.


SharePoint online is self-service which empowers individuals to manage their own sites Improved access from various devices Advanced functionality and new features from Microsoft are available faster

Action Needed

May 13-19: Please do not make any modifications; sharepoint.wpi.edu will be read-only May 20: Begin using SharePoint online May 20-June 20: Review content and hyperlinks in SharePoint online; compare to former site and make needed changes June 21: Sharepoint.wpi.edu sites cannot be accessed View additional details about SharePoint online using the link below.


With the implementation of the O365 suite, Information Technology has been working on phasing in SharePoint online. We have worked with several areas to migrate their sites, and we are now migrating the 400+ sites remaining.

May 13 through May 19 Information Technology will migrate sites from sharepoint.wpi.edu to wpi0.sharepoint.com. During this week, sharepoint.wpi.edu will be read-only. Site owners are asked not to make any modifications during this week since we cannot promise changes will carry over.

The old naming convention for SharePoint on-premise was    https://sharepoint.wpi.edu/{site type}/{site name}.

After migration to SharePoint online, the new naming convention will be    wpi0.sharepoint.com/sites/{site name}.


  • OLD: https://sharepoint.wpi.edu/Offices/Information Technology
  • NEW: https://wpi0.sharepoint.com/sites/Information Technology

 /sites/ will replace these prior site type names:

  • Academics
  • Campus
  • Courses
  • Departments
  • GQP
  • IQP
  • MQP
  • Offices
  • Projects
  • Research

Beginning May 20, SharePoint online (wpi0.sharepoint.com) will be the new collaborative space to use. Some older features may not function such as workflows, and hyperlinks may need to be redirected.

On-premise SharePoint (sharepoint.wpi.edu) will stay online until June 21st. This will allow time for individuals to have the ability to reference their old site and make any necessary modifications to the newly migrated site. On-premise SharePoint will be taken offline June 21.