A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner is being installed at 50 Prescott Street. During the magnet enabling of the MRI scanner, helium is released. 


The clock chip in eighth generation and above iPhones, iPads, iPods and Apple Watches could be temporarily damaged if exposed to helium. 

Action Needed

The MRI installation engineer highly recommends not using recent iOS devices at 50 Prescott Street, or sealing them in an air-tight plastic bag if they are in the building during the installation. The most vulnerable locations are the second, third, and fourth floor northeast quadrants.  


Apple products 8th generation & above (iPhones, iPads, Ipods, & Apple Watches) have been found to be functionally susceptible to helium.  There is a chance that helium may penetrate the device and cause it to stop functioning.  In most cases the device takes three to ten days to reset itself and resume working.

Additional information from Vice.com can be found online using Actions.

Questions and concerns can be directed to Gregory Fischer (gfischer@wpi.edu), who is coordinating this MRI installation.