The failure of advance password expiration email warnings is under investigation by Information Technology (IT).


WPI account holders with a password older than six months may experience login issues depending on the device and applications they are signing in to. 

Action Needed

Use Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) to create a new password.


When using your WPI account on an IT-managed computer joined to the domain, a notification will appear at login if your password is due to expire soon. Follow the prompts to create a new password, or use SSPR.

When using other devices, the expiration warning does not appear. Login issues may be resolved by setting a new password using SSPR.

If you are not experiencing login issues, but are unsure when your password was last set and when it might expire, you can mitigate disruption of service by using SSPR to create a new password at your convenience.

If you create a new password and login issues persist, please contact the IT Service Desk.