The Information Technology Services (ITS) web application has been redesigned.


"On the first day of ITS my dev team gave to me, a new site for all things IT!"


Each day different features will be highlighted.

Action Needed

You are invited to login and visit the daily content to be entered into prize drawings! We welcome you to visit usĀ  during our events listed below to test out the new site with an IT representative and enjoy giveaways.


The new ITS web application at its.wpi.edu gives customers a single base to launch into IT support and systems. 

In the redesign, our main goal was to put people first. We added new features, expanded access, and redesigned existing display, functionality and content. There are many ways for a user to interact, including the ability to login. Login enables customers to tailor the site to their preferences. It also creates ease when submitting information to IT, revisiting recent content, and connecting to frequently accessed systems and tools.

 The user-first design approach meant applying best practices for accessibility, and universal design in order to enable the web app to be used and consumed by all types of people through varied media. The new design is fully responsive and should work on any device or screen. The ITS team has run extensive accessibility and compliance checking to ensure that  a rich interactive experience is provided that works with screen-readers and other assistive technologies.