WPI IT is distributing new Avaya phones to replace the current desk phones. The existing Nortel phone system, which has served us well for many years, has reached the end of the product's life. Transitioning to our new Avaya phone switch necessitates replacing the distributed phone sets.


Work within each building is expected to last one to three days. Phone extensions and voicemail will not be impacted. Functionality of the new phones is equivalent to the former, however some features may have subtle differences.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the internet to make and receive phone calls. The new Avaya VoIP system offers a number of advantages. It uses existing network infrastructure without the need for traditional phone lines, thus reducing overhead. It also offers increased access to phone services, voicemail, call forwarding and additional features.

Action Needed

Please consult the building schedule below. For buildings not listed, your department may be contacted by IT to schedule the new phone installation, or updates will be made available below when your building schedule is confirmed. (Some buildings have been completed or partially completed over the past few months.) If you have questions about the phone changes, please contact the IT Service Desk.